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Sulonya is not just website building company but is an encyclopedia of Technologies.


Visual Design

Have an idea? Does it need a UI/UX design ? Come to us we will provide you the design based on your idea.



Indeed we are all developers in different domain following the same standards. We develop the designed idead into working models.


QA Testing

What's left after designing? Obviously a need for verifying the outcome. That is QA Testing.


Artificial Intelligence

You also need to have an automated task which can predict for you? You have landed at the right place!



Do you know? Sulonya has its own Blockchain platform that unlike others built over third party plugins. Yes it is filed!



Oh! You also have an extended idea that needs assistance with IoT as well. No worries we handle that too!

Our Company

Innovative IT Helping Service All Over the World

Sulonya is not just a name, but a collabarated mindset striving hard also smart to make the work look easy to everyone. We, here at Sulonya are a pack of talented, skilled, trained, and dedicated minds.

All the services provided till date are appreciated and acknowledged. We dont stop only there, we will also provide the better service in the future which we are recognised for.

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We Achieved People’s Trust by Our Great Service

Below mentioned are the very little we have mentioned about our service.

  • Great Understanding

    We not only understand the requirement but also the client.

  • Updated Technology

    We are unhappy to stick so we think ahead of time and update ourselves.

  • Experienced Team

    "Practice makes the man perfect" - Yes everyone here have practiced and implemented in various ways.

  • Best Quality Service

    Our Live projects and the good relationship speaks about our quality.

Working Process

We always deliver more than expected


Research Product


User Testing




Product Handover

Case Studies

Have a Look At Our Work Showcase

A sneak peak at the works that our team is proud of.

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  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Blockchain
SulonyaChain Engine

Blockchain Engine

If you're worried about the security of your app, Sulonya is the right match for you. This tool will assist you in transforming your application to a native blockchain platform.

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Office Management

Office Management

Thinking of assigning tasks to your teammates and check the status? Well well well,this application helps you to assign,track and update the status of all the tasks!

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Referral Management

Referral Management

Referral Management Responsive web app is a platform that records the users referral. This simple module can be integrated into many applications to attract users towards referring the app to their network with benefits.

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Sulonya Hisab-Kitab

Hisab-Kitab Mobile App

Don't panic if you can't find your expenses; Hisab-Kitab mobile app feels like a passbook in your hand. It will assist you in keeping track with all of your spending as well as your credit and debit account balances.

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Society Bank Transaction

Society Bank Passbook

Flutter Based Mobile App which acts completely as a bank passbook to look into the transactions and download the respective time period transaction statement.

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Daily Expense Corporate

Daily Expenses Tracker

Are you an office boy? Missing out on the account where your money was spent today on? No worries Sulonya has its product that helps track the daily expenses for an office and generates the downloadable invoice for the same for accounting purposes.

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TUB - The URL Book provides an effective storage system for your bookmarks.
Accelerating your work with organised bookmarks.

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Yes ! Sulonya has multiple features additional to the IT Services.

  • Freelancing Traning Course
  • Technological Consultation
  • IT Learning Institute
  • Digital Marketing
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Angular PWA

Angular PWA

Angular PWA is a package from angular that stands for Angular Progressive Web App that allows you to cache your resources like assets and urls.

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  • 01 january 2021


A blockchain is, in the simplest of terms, a time-stamped series of an immutable record of data that is managed by a cluster of computers not...

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