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Every surfer goes through multiple tabs and fails to find the required tab at the right time. So, Sulonya came up with an unique idea of developing a platform to organize all of your URL’s and share it with your network.

TUB - The URL Book is an user friendly platform to organize your bookmarks through a browser extension. It also has a web platform and mobile app to further play with your saved URL’s. What you can do after adding a bookmark to TUB. Save it under a desired folder structure, Move, Copy, Paste and share it with your respective colleague, developer or your friends. Meanwhile, you can also export all of your saved bookmarks as an Excel or as a PDF and download it for your documentation purposes.

Yes TUB is still in beta version and the final version will be more mesmerizing.

Feel free to drop an email to have an additional feature added to the platform or customize it to your enterprise. We will be more than happy to assist you.

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  • Location:

    Karnataka, India

  • Technologies:

    Angular, .NET Core, Ionic, SSMS

  • Completed:

    01 Jan 2021

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