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Petzzz s a comprehensive mobile and web application designed to streamline pet care management for pet owners and pet service providers. With a user-friendly interface and a suite of intuitive features, Petzzz aims to simplify tasks such as scheduling appointments, tracking medical records, and connecting with pet professionals. Whether you're a pet parent seeking convenience and peace of mind or a pet service provider looking to enhance client communication and streamline operations, Petzzz is your all-in-one solution for managing pet care needs.

Key Features:

Appointment Scheduling:

Pet owners can easily schedule appointments for veterinary visits, grooming sessions, training classes, and other pet services directly through the app. Service providers have access to a centralized calendar to manage appointments, view availability, and update schedules in real-time.

Medical Records Management:

Petzzz allows pet owners to store and manage their pet's medical records, including vaccination history, medication schedules, and veterinary notes. Service providers can access pet health information securely, ensuring continuity of care and informed decision-making during appointments.

Location-Based Services:

The app utilizes geolocation technology to help pet owners discover nearby pet services such as veterinarians, groomers, boarding facilities, and pet-friendly establishments. Service providers can enhance their visibility and reach a wider audience by listing their services and location on the app's directory.

Messaging and Communication:

Petzzz features built-in messaging functionalities that enable pet owners and service providers to communicate seamlessly, exchange messages, and share updates. Real-time notifications keep users informed about appointment reminders, service updates, and other important notifications related to their pet's care.

Payment Processing:

The app facilitates secure payment processing, allowing pet owners to pay for services directly within the app using various payment methods such as credit/debit cards or mobile wallets. Service providers can streamline billing and invoicing processes, track payments, and manage financial transactions efficiently.

Pet Profile and Preferences:

Pet owners can create profiles for their pets, including essential information such as breed, age, dietary preferences, and special needs. Service providers can access pet profiles to tailor services and recommendations based on each pet's unique needs and preferences.


Convenience and Peace of Mind: Petzzz simplifies pet care management tasks, saving time and effort for both pet owners and service providers.

Improved Communication: Built-in messaging features foster seamless communication between pet owners and service providers, enhancing the overall pet care experience.

Enhanced Visibility for Service Providers: Listing services on Petzzz helps pet service providers increase their visibility and reach a larger audience of potential clients.

Centralized Pet Health Records: Petzzz provides a centralized platform for storing and managing pet health records, ensuring easy access to vital information during appointments and emergencies.


Petzzz revolutionizes the way pet owners and pet service providers manage pet care needs. Whether you're scheduling appointments, managing medical records, or connecting with pet professionals, Petzzz offers a convenient and user-friendly solution to streamline pet care management. With its intuitive features and comprehensive functionalities, Petzzz is your go-to app for simplifying pet care and ensuring the well-being of your furry companions.

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  • Technologies:

    React Native, NextJS, .Net Core, NestJS, Postgres

  • Completed:

    Feb 2024